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Jumbo LIVE Louisiana Blue Crabs By The Pound - FedEx/UPS Delivery


Live Louisiana Blue Crabs Fresh from the Premier Crab supplier in south Louisiana!  Includes Seafood Boil Mix and Overnight Shipping!  

Jumbo size is approximately 1.25 crabs to a pound and average 6"-6.25" point to point - Recommended serving size is 2-4 crabs per person 

***Deliveries available on Thursday and Saturday - 48 Hours Notice Needed***

Please note Louisiana Crawfish Co will not refund any money due to dead loss on live crab orders.  You can expect loss from 15% to the entire order as live crabs are extremely fragile. 


Customer Reviews

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The best

Huge crabs, amazing taste. Will be ordering again.

Live Blue Crabs

Came fresh and 40% more than expected…one one dead in the bunch which is great. Clean and full of meat and great spice ….

Best Blue Crabs

I catch my own blue crabs in the summer, but I have never eaten, bigger, juicier, sweeter, meatier crabs in my life. These crabs were by far the hit of our Christmas Eve dinner!!!

Great big Crabs

Second time buying these and cant say enough about this product or LA Crawfish in general. I have never been dissapointed.

Jumbo Blue Crab

Alive and fresh when they arrived. They were so cold, they went right in the pot. Nice treat.

Louisiana Blue Crab

Alot good quality crabs for the price; speedy delivery

Crabs were delicious as ever

Crabs that I just bought recently is Some best crabs?


Great birthday dinner

Good Lord

Okay, so I lived in the Texas gulf for a few years and found a love for crabbing. I’d catch blue crabs every possible weekend and was pretty successful at it. I would have crab boils every weekend and eat myself stupid.. love it. I moved to Oklahoma and have been seriously missing the Cajun culture and food. As you can imagine, live blue crabs are pretty hard to come by now. I know the crabs at LA Crawfish are a bit pricy considering I could by jumbos for $4-$6/lbs at the local fish market in TX (if I didn’t catch enough for the family). However, after eating these Louisiana blues, I’d gladly play twice the price. These damn crabs were absolutely amazing and fresh! Not one was dead, they didn’t have that older funky fish smell from sitting too long or being in too much heat out of the water and they were all rusters (full of meat). Not to mention I’m pretty sure they put a few extra crabs in the box. Lastly, the guys put in a bag of their in-house crab/crawfish boil seasoning… Just to be clear, I have my own seafood boil mix that I typically use. I went ahead and tasted their seasoning since they put in the box and let’s just say that I was quite impressed. I’m a picky ass person with my seasoning and this is seriously spot on. I went ahead and used their seasoning in the boil. Glad I did. It’s my new favorite seafood boil seasoning! Anyways, I’m so glad I was introduced to LA Crawfish, I will absolutely be putting in orders for life! Thank you all!!!