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Jumbo LIVE Louisiana Blue Crabs By The Pound - FedEx/UPS Delivery


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Live Louisiana Blue Crabs Fresh from the Premier Crab supplier in south Louisiana!  Includes Seafood Boil Mix and Overnight Shipping!  

Jumbo size is approximately 1.25 crabs to a pound and average 6"-6.25" point to point - Recommended serving size is 2-4 crabs per person 

***Deliveries available Wednesday through Saturday - 48 Hours Notice Needed***

Please note Louisiana Crawfish Co will not refund any money due to dead loss on live crab orders.  You can expect loss from 15% to the entire order as live crabs are extremely fragile. 

Season is roughly March through November

Customer Reviews

(15 reviews)  |  Leave a Review

Blue Crab

Very fresh

Best blue crabs

High quality and solid delicious seafood

Jumbo Succulent Crabs

I order these crabs throughout the year. The best in U.S.A meaty delicious I love these crabs. i will only order from Louisiana Blue Crabs get on board.

Blue crab

Received an overnight package of live blue crabs in great shape and was even able to keep them alive for another day until my party. (Put a towel I’ve them and ice on top for the towel and let it slowly melt and drip one them.) great experience!

Blue Crabs

Simply the best both in terms of product quality and service, will definitely buy from LC again.

Blue Crabs

They were fantastic and most of them were huge. Had never had them and decided to try them after doing crawfish several times. Would highly recommend and will definitely be getting them again.

Jumbo Blue Crabs

Great, meaty Jumbo Blue Crabs! At first I was skeptical about the per pound price and then I realized by the pound is more consistent than by the dozen as size variation does not matter, 15 big crabs at 10 pounds, keep up the good work. Thank You from Montana!


They were packed perfectly! And they were huge! Love it

Wisconsin Crab lover

I was pleasant surprized when it arrived some of these crabs where up to 7 inches from tip to tip.