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Select LIVE Louisiana Blue Crabs By The Pound - FedEx/UPS Delivery


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Live Louisiana Blue Crabs Fresh from the Premier Crab supplier in south Louisiana!  Includes Seafood Boil Mix and Overnight shipping! 

Select size is approximately 2 crabs to a pound and average 5"-5.5" point to point -  Recommended serving size is 2-4 crabs per person

***Deliveries available Wednesday through Saturday - 48 Hour Notice Needed!***

Please note Louisiana Crawfish Co will not refund any money due to dead loss on live crab orders.  You can expect loss from 15% to the entire order as live crabs are extremely fragile. 

Season is roughly March through November

Customer Reviews

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30lbs of live blue crab

Fast and friendly service. Excellent responses to questions.
Nice meaty product.

Big blue Crabs

Great product and customer service

Big blue Crabs

Great product and customer service

New order

I love ordering from you guys never disappointed the crabs get here are fresh and BIG thanks for you professional detail and care


I ordered live crabs and they were delivered in great shape. My wife loves them. Thank you. Thank you

Delicious Crabs

My crabs were delivered fresh and delicious!


The crab were sleeping in the box and once I got them in the sink and sprayed water on them they all came alive and wanted to pinch me. I ABSOLUTELY love these crab and knowing none was dead, I will definitely order more.

A taste from home!

It has been way too long since I have enjoyed Louisiana Blue Crab. So glad my live crawfish supplier is now supplying blue crabs. Arrived is great shape (all alive!) and perfectly packaged. We'll be ordering again a few more times as the season runs into the fall. Outstanding!