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Premium Louisiana Blue Crab Claw Meat 16 oz


Claw Meat – Claw Meat is processed from the claws of the blue crab, is brownish in color, and is slightly more pronounced in flavor and texture. It holds up well in crab salads, stuffings and soups.


*There is a best by date printed on the container for when they are sold fresh, however ours are frozen on the day received for shipping.  There will be an additional sticker with the freeze date.  You have 6 months from that date to consume.

Customer Reviews

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Premium Blue Crab Claw Meat

Yummy in my Gumbo

Very Delicious

The crab claw meat was fresh and super delicious. I will for sure order this again!

Blue Crab Claw Meat

I make Emeril's Cauliflower Soup with the Crab Meat. It is SO good! And somehow tastes so much better coming from Louisiana.

Great quality and flavor

Really enjoyed this crab meat. Was great not having to dig it out of the shells ourselves. Only thing I'd causing, it looks much larger in the pictures, but it definitely is a pound and went a long way.