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Premium Louisiana Blue Crab Fingers 16 oz


Cocktail Clawfingers - Picked from the ends of the blue crab’s claws, the meat is left attached to the “feather” of the finger. Primarily used as an appetizer, it is commonly served “as is” with a remoulade sauce, marinated and served in a crab salad or deep fried and served with a seafood cocktail sauce.  Approx. 70 clawfingers per 1lb. container.


*There is a best by date printed on the container for when they are sold fresh, however ours are frozen on the day received for shipping.  There will be an additional sticker with the freeze date.  You have 6 months from that date to consume.

Customer Reviews

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My wife is a Alabama girl and we live in Colorado, so getting down to the Gulf for these once a year or every two years just ain't cutting it. I surprised her with these and she nearly jumped my bones in the kitchen. She saw the small container, she laughed and said, "what are you eating?" Once fried up they almost triple the size of the container. I used Lucy Buffett's recipe from Lulu's and they came out perfect. We will order again.

Blue Crab Claws

Excellent! Steamed them then tossed in garlic butter ~ WOW! what a treat!

blue crab claws

Your prices are ridiculous - they are good but not worth that much

Crab claws or fingers

Sent yo my sister for Christmas and she loved them.

Blue crab fingers

They were excellent

Very fresh, though not the biggest I've found

The crab fingers (claws, of course) arrived partially thawed, but they were cool in the cooler, so I just refroze all of them. That has yielded safe product, but not only that. The crab meat is good for 3-4 days, at least, after you let it naturally thaw in the fridge. -- That is wonderful. I'd say these are "regular" crab fingers, not jumbo. Sort of like grading jumbo lump crab and lump crab. If the analogy is extended, these are basic "lump"-size, though they are very tasty. I would be interested to see this site offer a "jumbo"-size crab finger in the future, but for right now, the company is doing A LOT of stuff right. The packaging for shipping is great. I never felt the product was in any way tainted when it came to me. Given this same product is offered again and that's the biggest size of crab claw/finger I can get, I certainly would buy it again. It is a delicious treat.

Crab claws

Taste great fried just like eating out

Best Available

These crab fingers are EXCELLENT. Larger than others and superior quality. Great service!

premium crab fingers

sent some to my brother for his birthday--he says biggest and best he ever had!!!