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Premium Jumbo Lump Louisiana Blue Crab Meat 16 oz


Jumbo Lump – The Jumbo Lump grade is processed from the large muscle connected to the two rear swimming legs. This is the premium grade of a true blue crab (callinectus sapidus), white in color with a delicate but firm texture, pleasing aroma and a sweet, flavorful taste. 


*There is a best by date printed on the container for when they are sold fresh, however ours are frozen on the day received for shipping.  There will be an additional sticker with the freeze date.  You have 6 months from that date to consume. 

Customer Reviews

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excellent product!

This is such a high-quality jumbo lump crab meat! And it is American wild-caught!

Perfect Crab!

Every product that the Louisiana Crawfish Company produces is full of love and great taste!

Best there is

Love it!!! Made great crab cakes. Would definitely buy again

Jumbo lump crab meat

Crabmeat was fantastic crab cakes I used it in were delicious. Also great service

Wonderful crab meat

Wonderful crab meat I put it in my gumbo I put it in my Ponsit I make crab empanadas I have Cassara and I know I didn’t get it off the sound if that’s OK I’m a keep on it that I have enough

Lump Blue Crab

So very good!!! Made it in my etouffee and it was a hit. So very expensive but I know that's not LA Crawfish's fault. Would buy again for sure.

Lump crab meat

So fresh very good