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Premium Jumbo Lump Louisiana Blue Crab Meat 16 oz


Jumbo Lump – The Jumbo Lump grade is processed from the large muscle connected to the two rear swimming legs. This is the premium grade of a true blue crab (callinectus sapidus), white in color with a delicate but firm texture, pleasing aroma and a sweet, flavorful taste. Product is frozen.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful crab meat

Wonderful crab meat I put it in my gumbo I put it in my Ponsit I make crab empanadas I have Cassara and I know I didn’t get it off the sound if that’s OK I’m a keep on it that I have enough

Lump Blue Crab

So very good!!! Made it in my etouffee and it was a hit. So very expensive but I know that's not LA Crawfish's fault. Would buy again for sure.

Lump crab meat

So fresh very good