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Oak Grove Smokehouse Chicken Fry Mix


Add a little spice into your fried chicken with Oak Grove Smokehouse Chicken Fry New Orleans Style. The old southern recipe will tickle your taste buds and impress your family and friends. Dont worry-its not too spicy, but just right! 6 oz. package

  • Ingredients: enriched wheat flour ( niacin, iron reduced), thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), salt, spices, monosodium glutamate.
  • Cooking Directions: Wash chicken and pat dry. For a thick crust, dip chicken first in a batter of 2 beaten eggs and 1 can evaporated milk. Shake in bag with CHICKEN FRY, a few pieces at a time to coat; or roll chicken pieces in CHICKEN FRY to coat. Fry in hot shortening in skillet or in deep fat at 375 degrees for 5-7 minutes on each side. For a thinner crust, omit batter and roll or shake chicken in CHICKEN FRY. Fry as above.