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Rachael's Seafood Gumbo


Ingredients: Shrimp, Crab Meat, Roux (contains wheat flour), Water, Onions, Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Green Onions, Parsley.


Contains four 8 oz. servings.

Customer Reviews

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Rachael's seafood gumbo

could use some other seafood in it

We Love IT

We have been purchasing this gumbo as well as the okra gumbo and it is wonderful. I just received 6 of the gumbo and have on order 6 of the okra gumbo. The whole family loves it.


Excellent Taste

Oh So Good!!

Just had the best seafood gumbo for dinner!! Served it over white rice and had 2 bowls. Didn't know what to expect since here in New Jersey Gumbo isn't exactly on everyone's menu, but OMG! Loved it, very tasty, very delicious. I recommend to anyone


Delicious gumbo with lots of seafood. I am so glad that I tried this item!