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Alligator Meat 5 lb bag


Premium Louisiana Alligator filet.

Frozen 5 lb/pkg

Ingredients: Alligator Fillet, Water, Salt, Sodium Tripolyphosphate.


Customer Reviews

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Fantastic gator meat

These are always a favorite at my parties. Fry and server with a little remoulade sauce.

Alligator meat

Thus is the BEST!!! I have tried others and they were not very good at all. I will NEVER buy my gator meat any where else. Louisiana crawfish has the product on the market at great prices.

Gator meat

The meat was very tough was not pleased at all this is the first time I’ve received a product from Louisiana crawfish company that i was disappointed with


OMG! I just LA Crawfish Co you knocked it out of the box for me. I just recently had a boil last weekend. I ordered 15lbs of crawdad and 5lbs of gator. I will say with my PA peeps the gator was the alright favorite for everyone. Don't get me wrong the crawdad we're off the hook too. Out of 15lbs of mud bugs. I only had 8 floaters which is awesome. I'll pat myself on the back for the cooking but I couldn't have pulled it off without y'all. Y'all are now my go to when it comes to my boils. I will be a loyal customer from PA just glad I only live 40 minutes from Ohio. My state are smucks for not allowing delivery.

Thank You Very Much
C Brown

Best meat I ever had

I love this meat I get

So very good!

Got this the day or making, so I couldn't soak it like the recipe I used called for. It claimed it is so lean it could dry out. We skewered it and wrapped in bacon and smoked for about 2.5 hours. Didn't dry out at all and WOW, was delicious, a big hit at the party!


Smoked and was very delicious

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