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Boneless Turtle Meat 2 lb bag


Boneless Turtle Meat 2 lbs.  Wild, Product of USA

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Turtle Meat

I would recommend this to anyone

Very nice product

Thank you

Turtel meat

Is your turtle meat Logger head turtle meat?


Arrived frozen as expected

Enjoyed it but tough

It was good but very chewy. Since we got it with a bunch of other things, including live crawfish we didn't have time to brine and tenderize. The flavor was good but oh so chewy. If you are a big fan of turtle then I suspect you'd like this.

Great product and customer service

Made snapper soup for my father-in-law's eightieth birthday. It was one of his favorite dishes growing up in Philly. He loved it.


Amazing quality of meat. The fried turtle nuggets were super good! Can’t wait to buy some again.


Grind coarse and find a great turtle soup recipe; it really is awesome! I'm trying to find other turtle recipes, besides soup.

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