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Alligator Legs - Bone In 2lb

$26.99 - $27.99

Louisiana Bone in Alligator Legs. Perfect for grilling and tailgating!
Approximately 12-14 legs per 2 lb package

Customer Reviews

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Alligator Legs

I love them but lately they've so big that cooking them has been a chore. Not that that's a bad thing. These will always be my first choice.

Wanted to try some gator

We had a boil and decided we wanted to try gator. I bought these gator wings thinking they would be easy to cook on the grill with no prep work. That is exactly how they were. No prep just threw them on the grill. They were a huge hit.

Alligator legs

Awesome waiting to try nuggets

alligator legs

where can I get near me ?

Cooked sous vide style

I cooked these sous vide style with a quick sear on the grill and they were amazing! Recipe and pictures at

Wish I ordered more

Had my son grill these for our Cajun Christmas party, they were incredible! A few minutes on high heat and they were perfect! I'll definitely order more next time.

Great Gator

Excellent taste and ease of preparation. Extremely fast delivery. Excellent company. Will be back many times for myself and friends.

grilled alligator legs

cooked in the oven at 250 in a covered pan with carrots,onions,celery and apple juice. Then finished them on the grille. Very tender and sweet. 4 lbs only lasted a few minutes. Yum, Yum

Gone in 60 seconds

We cooked alligator sauce piquante and fried up some chunks of gator, but nothing disappeared as fast as the fresh off the grill marinated gator legs. Wrapped them in foil and put them on the top rack for about 20-25 mins. Fellas smashed them in about 1 mins. Next time we'll order more