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High Performance cookers - 100 Qt Stockpot


Our High Performance Cookers are like nothing else on the market today, as they come to a boil in 6.5 minutes and reboil in 90 seconds!!    Yes that is right, these pots are truly high performance, saving you time during the boiling process, saving money on propane, and creating a better cooked product every time!

**PRICE INCLUDES GROUND (3-5 days) SHIPPING ONLY** Call for expedited options!

Multi-use Pot for Frying, Boiling, Slow Cooking or Steaming(with accessories)

Seafood, Shrimp, Crabs, Lobster, Turkey, Gumbo, Chili, Vegetables, Peanuts, etc...

Large 100 QT Pot

Features & Benefits:

What makes Our Stock Pot stand out among other similar products on the market today is pure horse power. All other stock pots rely a on traditional flat bottom pot design which is limited on thermal absorption. 

Our Tunnel Tube patent pending bottom makes all the difference. Our bottom absorbs nearly three times as much thermal energy from the burner, giving you the power to maintain frying temperature. This  turkey fryer is capable of frying two turkeys at a time and when you submerge the turkeys into the oil at 350 degrees, the oil temperature drop is only about 20 degrees and recovers in about five minutes. No more greasy turkey. Even though this fryer was designed for frying turkeys, it is great for frying chicken / fish and more.