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Southwest Cargo® Live Crawfish By The Pound - Field Run


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LIVE CRAWFISH shipped directly from OUR FAMILY FARM to your nearest Southwest Cargo location!

Next Flight Guarantee Shipping Charges are included!

Includes: Live Crawfish only (no spices) QTY = number of pounds desired

*We are the Only company that allows you to order ANY INCREMENT to meet your exact needs!*

**Live crawfish are perishable and should be cooked the day of delivery**

For helpful (and delicious) cooking instructions click HERE

Or check out our HowTo Video

Grade Sizes: 
Field Run 18/22 count/lb 
Select 12/17 count/lb 
Jumbo U/12 count/lb

Due to Covid 19 and lack of traveling, Southwest Airlines is everchanging flight schedules.  Please order as soon as you know your plans to ensure your order can be received for a timely pickup.  Orders processed by noon cst can be shipped the same day for next day arrival.  This may not necessarily be an AM arrival, depending on weather, flight schedules, and cargo house hours of operation.  Please expect a 24 hour delivery timeframe.  Larger cities have more flight options that smaller areas. You may also select a future delivery date during checkout!  Please let us know in the special comments section during checkout when you are planning to cook the crawfish (date/time) so we can best schedule your arrival!  

Southwest Facility Information:

*Unfortunately, we are unable to ship LIVE Crawfish to HAWAII, WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN, PENNSYLVANIA, MINNESOTA or OREGON due to restrictions by the Department of Natural Resources*

  • Oregon, you may obtain a permit for Live Crawfish from Rick Boatner at (503)947-6300.
  • Minnesota- you may receive Boiled Crawfish only by filling out the General Permit form. Any questions regarding the permit can be directed to Kelly Pennington, or (651) 259-5131.

For helpful and delicious cooking instructions click HERE or check out our How To Video!

Customer Reviews

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Southwest cargo crawfish by the pound

Received our crawfish as directed. Last time we ordered we did fedex pick up. This was much easier for us and the crawfish arrived in great shape (they did with fedex as well). We will definitely order this way again!


Everything was as advertised. Crawfish were great. Everyone had a great time.
Will definitely order again!!!!

Best boil in a long time

I wanted to show my So Cal friends and family a good bayou boil. way better mudbugs than i expected this late in the season. musta went well since i have people askin about the next boil.


Good size. Less the 2 % lost. Not as clean as usual, but the washer comes in handy for that

Great crawfish!

Pickup was very easy from Southwest cargo. Upon arriving at home and opening the box, very few dead crawfish. I ordered 40 lbs of crawfish, Louisiana Crawfish sent 41 lbs, and I’m sure that less than 1 lb died in transit. Boiled them up and they were fantastic!

New Delivery Proccess Found

I purchased two sacks to be delivered to my local Southwest Cargo. First time using this process and was apprehensive on using this method, because I was uncertain of the process. When I got my airbill ticket I got even more apprehensive as it indicated it was shipped almost a day earlier than I thought it would be sent out. I thought it would have gone out on the planes leaving New Orleans the night before delivery, however it left much sooner. I picked up my packages from local Southwest cargo on scheduled delivery day early in the morning. Southwest had them in refrigerated cold storage. I took them home and put them over ice until we started the boil which was late afternoon. To my surprise I only had about 10 dead crawfish out of two sacks. Previously, when we used FedEx delivery system I more dead crawfish for the same two sack amount. Haven been a continued customer to Louisiana Crawfish Company and will be in the future as well, but I think I found a new delivery system that works for me. Appreciate what Louisiana Crawfish Co. has been able to offer us to enjoy these delicious treats.

Perfect once again!

Crawfish were in perfect condition when they arrived in San Diego. Each year when we get them, we are never disappointed!

Live Crawfish

Y'all never disappoint. Crawfish was outstanding. No issues or glitches, they were delivered as promised.

SW Live Crawfish

The box was leaking, I picked them up in the morning, need more ice to keep them cold. The crawfish were decent size though.