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Southwest Cargo® Live Crawfish By The Pound - Field Run


LIVE CRAWFISH shipped directly from OUR FAMILY FARM to your nearest Southwest Cargo location!

  • Live crawfish are perishable and should be cooked the day of delivery
  • Includes: Live Crawfish only (no spices) QTY = number of pounds desired
  • Grade Size: Field Run 18/22 ct/lb
  • Next Flight Guarantee Shipping Charges are included! 
  • Call for flight info or see flight options here: SW Cargo Flights Departure City:MSY Product:NFG Drop time: 12pm
  • We are the Only company that allows you to order ANY INCREMENT to meet your exact needs!
  • Southwest Facility Information:

For helpful (and delicious) cooking instructions click HERE

Or check out our HowTo Video

*Unfortunately, we are unable to ship LIVE Crawfish to ALASKA, HAWAII, WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN, PENNSYLVANIA, MINNESOTA, or OREGON due to restrictions by the Department of Natural Resources*

  • Oregon:
    • Permit is required.
    • You may apply for a Crayfish Transport Permit for LiveCrawfish HERE

Customer Reviews

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Good crawfish

Best Value

We had 20 people for a crawfish boil in Orlando Florida. The crawfish were amazing and the perfect size


Everything was great, southwest pickup was a breeze, they arrived just as expected. They were very clean and larger than expected. Will always order from them again, great products and service!

First time using Cargo pick up

I recently moved to Ohio and I ’ve started to use Louisiana Crawfish to get crawfish here. I recently decided to try the cargo shipping option where you pick it up at the airport cargo office. I placed my order, got confirmation email but then no other information until the day before that my order has shipped with the waybill shipping number and how to track at southwest cargo. I tracked the shipment and saw it was on route and then on hand the morning it was supposed to be delivered which was great. I go to pick it up and get to the cargo office at 2:30 to find they are closed. I called every number I could find and could not get someone on the phone. The only
Hours I could find were holiday hours. Had I known or been aware of their hours closing so early in the afternoon, I would have gone eaarlier to pick it up but there was no information between La crawfish instructions and southwest cargo. We were supposed to be doing our boil Saturday evening and were very disappointed that we weren't able to because of lack of communication about the delivery/pick up instructions. I did pick it up Sunday and talked to the employees who even confirmed their hours aren’t listed on the website. About 75% of the crawfish seemed to be alive. We boiled them Sunday but ended not being able to enjoy them with our Ohio friends who had never had crawfish. I called Louisiana crawfish Saturday and left 2 voicemails. Never got a call back from them. Would just like to warn people about this if they decide to go this option

Crawfish shipped to San Diego

I order crawfish about every 2 weeks during the season and have never had a bad experience! Crawfish is always on time and the loss rate is very low considering them flying across the country.

live crawfish

arrived on time, alive and they cooked up sweet and tender!spring mud bugs are a tradition in my house and Louisiana Crawfish always deliver!


We boil every 2 weeks during the season in San Diego and picking up from SW Cargo is the way to go. Not only does it save us a lot of money, the condition of the crawfish is like they just came out of the pond!! Glad you guys offer this again!!

This is our third time ordering crawfish. Every time it has gone smooth!

The ladies on the phone were knowledgeable and helpful. This is the one you want!

130#’s Field Run

I was concerned when they came a day early, but had very few dead bugs. Packaged perfectly and even though they were field run, they were good sized. Party went off great and everyone had a good time. 3rd time using Louisiana Crawfish and I highly recommend them.

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