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Gambino's Olive Salad 16oz


Gambino's selects the finest olives and combines them California vegetables of carrots, cauliflower and celery. To this medley, we add our very own Italian seasoning blend and pack with 100% virgin olive oil/vegetable oil solution.

Muffaletta Recipe

9" Muffuletta Bread; 6-8 oz. Gambino's Italian Olive Salad; 8-10 slices or 7 oz. of ham; 8-10 slices or 5 oz. of salami; 6-8 slices of cheese.
Drain Gambino's olive salad from the oil it is packed in. Make sure to keep the oil to be used later in the process. Slice muffuletta bread horizontally. Brush the oil (from the drained Olive Salad) onto both top and bottom of the muffuletta bread. Lay out ham on the top half of the bread. Lay out salami on the bottom half of the bread. Carefully layer the Gambino's olive salad on top of the salami. Lay Provolone cheese over Gambino's Olive Salad. With the face open, toast the sandwich. Place top half of the bread over cheese and slice into quarters or half and serve.


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