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Cartozzo's King Cake - Cream Cheese


Pre-Baked King Cake for you to decorate!

To preserve the integrity of the cake and allow for personal touches, we ship the baked king cakes for you to ice and sugar upon arrival. Included in each kit: 1 naked king cake, 1 packet of icing, 3 packets of colored sugar, and golden baby. 

King Cakes feed 16+ people.

Customer Reviews

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Great fresh king cake

I purchased a cream cheese king cake for a party and it was delicious and fresh. They overnighted it and it arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely get one again.


Excellent king cake, especially considering it was pre-baked and had to be shipped all the way to Rhode Island. It was very moist, delicious, and didn't last very long at all at my recent crawfish boil