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Swamp Bucket Seafood Boiler


Let the Good Times Boil!

Step 1:Add Water

Step 2: Plug In

Step 3: Boil

*We are not responsible for heating element damage due to improper usage (must add water before plugging in)

Do you ever want to boil a small batch of seafood for a few people but dread hauling out the propane tank and equipment? Or do you hate the smell in your home from boiling on the stove?

Then you need a Swamp Bucket! A food grade HDPE electric boiling bucket made for smaller batches of seafood (shrimp, blue crabs, snow crab legs, etc. with all the fixings - even turkey necks, peanuts, sausage - anything really!).

All you need to do is add water, plug it in, and watch it begin to boil in about 15 minutes.

After finishing your boil, the lid has small holes for draining off the water. Now you can carefully unscrew the lid and pour out your seafood and ENJOY!

Clean up is just as easy. Simply allow the bucket to cool then use the water hose to rinse out. Now you can put it away to use over and over again.


Boiling Instructions:

1.  Fill Bucket with water to water line on the outside of the bucket.

2.  Add 1 lb of seafood seasoning (liquid boil to taste: 2-3oz)

3.  Plug in bucket and bring to boil

4.  Add taters and boil for 5 min..or so

5.  Add 3-10 lbs of seafood, corn and sausage

6.  Place lid on bucket and turn clockwise until lid is tight (righty tighty, lefty loosey)

7.  Bring Bucket back to boil

8.  Allow contents to boil for 2-3 mins...or so

9.  Unplug Bucket and soack for 12 mins...or so

10.  Use holes on lid to drain bucket (be careful!  Steam & Contents will be extremely hot)

11.  Enjoy!


***HDPE or High Density Ploy Ethelene Plastic has an amazing temperature range, and is considered safe for short periods up to 248°F (120°C) or long periods up to 230°F (110°C).  Since boiling water never gets above 100°C, this means that anything boiling and below is safe for a food grade bucket!

*holds approx 10lbs of crawfish with fixins', 10 lbs of shrimp with fixins, or 2-3 doz crabs in one batch!

*Boil time approx 30mins depening on amount of water

*Do not use an extension cord


Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

Perfect for a small group of friends

Swamp bucket

I ordered the swamp bucket and steamer together. Have been waiting for them to have more, everytime I was going to order they would be out. I luv both of them apart and for steaming. Tried them when they came in and they work great, I’m very happy with them

Glad I finally got one!

Being a Louisianan is required to know how to boil seafood . I feel like if you don’t have time for all those big boiling pots please get a swamp bucket! So glad I purchased a swamp bucket .

Performed as advertised

Used as soon as it arrived,cooked frozen crawfish with corn,potatoes and sausage.

Swamp Bucket is Genius!

Sometimes, we forgo having a mess of crabs, shrimp or crawdads because it's just the two of us. But this device is a game changer. Easy Peasy. And we're on the Eastern Shore of MD, so we steam our stuff and the steamer accessory is a mandatory purchase. It all works beautifully.


Great so far

Best shrimp cooker ever!

I got this for my wife for Christmas. I won present of the year for sure! It was easy to cook in and made a 10 pound shrimp boil with potatoes in short order. Baby potatoes took about 15 minutes to cook to perfection, green beans took 7 minutes and shrimp were right on the money at 3 minutes. Added a 1 pound bag of seasoning and let soak for 20 minutes. Turned out great and made a great Christmas meal.

Swamp bucket

My granddaughter and her fiancé love it!!!

This makes boiling so much easier!

Don't have to use propane. And easy to drain.