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Cowboy's Crawfish Washer


Cowboy's Crawfish Washer cleans an entire bag of live crawfish in minutes.  The patented system creates a constant flow of water that keeps crawfish moving while flushing grass and debris over the top and mud out of the bottpm drain.  

  • Attach and turn on water hose
  • Add 20-30 lbs of live crawfish
  • Open bottom drain
  • Run Washer for 4-5 minutes
  • Dirt and Debris are flushed over the top and out of the bottom drain
  • Cleaned crawfish can then be moved directly to cook pot

Customer Reviews

(4 reviews)  |  Leave a Review

So perfect

Cleaned 35 lbs of crawfish in one easy batch. The perfect tool.

Crawfish Washer

We use to use kiddie pools to purge our crawfish but never again. This simple washer is amazing when it comes to cleaning the crawfish.

Great Product!

Just used this product for the first time. Very efficient for rinsing off a sack of crawfish, cut down on my time greatly.

Time saver!

Great product! Frees up my time changing water to get other things ready for the boil!

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