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Gold Band Whole Oyster (12)


A pre-shucked oyster may sound impossible, but Gold Band Oysters® are just that. The patented High Pressure Process causes the oyster to release itself from the shell so there's no need for skilled shucking labor. Each whole oyster is fully wrapped and banded to seal in the delicious flavors of the Gulf.  Product is frozen.

Customer Reviews

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The oysters were amazing and so fresh. I had the pleasure to make these with my daughter and she loved them.
Will order more in the future!

Gold band whole oysters

Overall good, had a few that the band was on but the shell was open and oyster was dried out. Also had one that was only filled with dirt. It was about six oysters out of 4 dozen


These were the hit of the party, should have ordered more. We char grilled them with butter, garlic, bacon and Cajun seasoning -amazing! We will definitely be ordering more soon!


My Wife and I decided on a traditional New Orleans style Easter Dinner. It was decided that we would serve Oysters as part of the entree. We considered purchasing West Coast Oysters, but concluded that they just didn't taste the same as Lousiana Oysters. We decided to order two dozen Gold Band Whole Oysters from Lousiana Crawish Co. The product arrived on time and in the condition as promised. The Oysters were absolutely amazing. The same taste and consistency as served in New Orleans.

Nothing else can be compared to a Lousiana Oyster.

We look forward to our next family gathering. Our next order will be substantially increased.

Thank you Lousiana Crawish Co.

Mark and Julie Freitas

God Bless

Who Dat? Got them fresh Gold Band Oysters -Lacrawfish Do - Fresh from NOLA to You

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit ACME Oyster House in NOLA in 2014. Since then we have craved fresh grilled oysters. I found the Lacrawfish Co website. and read the reviews about the Gold Band Oysters. I even watched their YouTube video about the High Pressure Process. I received my shipment as promised and was very pleased with the packaging. I char grilled them with an ACME Oyster House recipe and in an instant, my wife and I were transported back to NOLA for that wonderful ACME Oyster flavor. We live in Meridian and fresh seafood is difficult to obtain even though we are close to the Gulf. I will be purchasing from this company from now until. The Gold Band oysters were easy to open and the flavor was fresh. The flavors were truly from the Gulf. The price was excellent without sacrificing quality. My wife and I would like to thank you all for providing such wonderful products, great pricing, and convenient delivery options. Sincerely, Jairus and Renyetta

Excellent Gulf Oysters!

These oysters were surprisingly tasty. Huge and creamy with a little brine taste. I agree withe the review suggesting that they taste like they were from the ACME Oyster House. Delicious! I'm ordering more!

gold band oysters

I just read what others said about these oysters. These people that loved them, don't eat oysters from the Atlantic.Maybe that's why I don't like other shell fish from the gulf other than shrimp. What I can say, they were HUGE and INEXPENSIVE.

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I just wanted to say that these gold band oysters where as good if not better than fresh one you get on the coast I will order these again and many people that tryed them will get them also Thank you for the good products Ed Lynch

The real taste of Louisiana at your doorstep!

If you do not have the time to get on a plane and sit at the bar at Acme oyster then this is the next best thing! The real taste of Louisiana at your doorstep! Thank you!