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2/4 ct Frog Legs 3.5 LB


A Louisiana delicacy that is a must try! Frog legs are high in protein and low in fat with the consistency between a fish and chicken. Imported.

Please note: frog legs are not breaded.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect size!

These were great. Instead of the usual frying method, I decided to sous vide and smoke. These were great for the party and everyone enjoyed.

Chinese frog legs

Had I known the frog legs were from China I wouldn’t have purchased them!

Frog legs

This was my second order of frog legs, I make them for my mother in law who can't get them in local restaurants. We has been very happy with the size and quality. Also your shipping is alway as promised.

Chinese Frog Legs

They may ok, but I'll never know. When these were delivered I found they are a product of China! Not eating Chinese Frog legs. Their food standards are so poor, you don't know what you're going to get. First ever bad product from LCF

Eating what's wild

My brother sent my dad frog legs for Father's Day. I grew up in foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains on the Ohio river. Gigging frogs grappling for turtles since I was 5. It was a toss up of what I enjoyed harvesting and eating best. Frog legs or fried turtle.. Definitely my favorite game meats. Recently received some frog legs from y'all sent from my brother Gene in Texas. I'm pushing 70 now and bought frog legs from Grocery stores and the just had a 'taint' to them, good but not worth fighting somebody for the few pieces. LA Crawfish has brought back that taste from 40-50 years ago They were excellent and tasted every bit as good as the frogs I gigged in creeks on the Ohio River. I'm not one much to brag, but I did have the last couple of legs.