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Toadfish Crab and Lobster Tool Set


The most innovative crab and lobster tools on the market. Everything you need to open and enjoy fresh, hard-shelled seafood without the mess. Also, for every product sold, Toadfish will replant new oyster beds to help clean our coastal waters. Let’s Put‘Em Back.

  • Tool Set Includes:
    • 2x Shell Cutters - Flawlessly cuts shells instead of smashing them. Creates less mess and stunning presentations.Works on all species of hard shelled crustaceans: blue, stone, dungeness, rock, and lobster. Includes a built in bottle opener. Patent Pending.
    • 4x Seafood Forks - A multi-use fork with a scoop on one end and a fork on the other, allowing you to pull out those hard to reach pieces of delicious meat with ease.


Customer Reviews

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Wish I knew about these sooner

Just received this awesome toolset. I have already had occasion to use it. The "pliers" are absolutely perfect for actually cutting through the shell exposing all the yummy meat. Extremely comfortable for hours of use. Very well built. The picking tools are also a joy to use. Very durable and extremely comfortable. Completely changed the shellfish experience. I would definitely recommend.